Sand Water Sky

Photo by Antonio Ruiz
The sand fills my shoes (I hate when that happens)
The water soaks my socks (The squish squish squish unnerves me)
The sky fills my field of vision (Overwhelming me always)
sun rays bouncing off the atmosphere
onto the water sparkling little stars jumping with each wake
the sun rays pouring over me reminding me that there
are some things in life you cannot control.
Warming my face
sitting at the edge of the sand my feet propped up
on the low wall as I try my darndest to stay dry
and free of the sand wanting it all at the same time.
Sand  Water  Sky.
Photo by Antonio Ruiz
I don’t swim (you’ll never catch me surfing)
maybe you’ll find me on a small boat (I remember that time
I ended up in the Potomac trying to learn how to sail)
or a cruise ship (like the time through the Caribbean in ‘83
eating my way through the islands while savoring a dying 
People the brave ones who don’t mind a little sand in their shoes
a wet sock a cold dash of water rubbing against their skin as they 
ride the waves playing with dolphins and sharks and jellyfish.
I like being the bystander cheering them on
enthralled by the California myth where everyone lives 
dreaming of a house on the beach and
the water and sky paint your dream with peace and 
Photo by Antonio Ruiz
I don’t swim or ride the waves on a surfboard
I don’t lay out a blanket on the sand 
avoiding sand in my shoes 
or the ocean filling my socks with excuses
of why it wants me to trust it 
that it’s been there for millions of years since the beginning of time along 
with the sand and its other friend the sky. 
Photo by Antonio Ruiz
I sit at the edge of America scanning the horizon for
what’s on the other side of this vision 
a thought a dream
a moment in time spent wondering how I got so lucky
to be here 
to join the armies of beach huggers who 
arrive every day to dig in the sand 
poke their toes into the water and let the sun warm them over with peace and love. 
Photo by Antonio Ruiz
I love sitting on the edge of America knowing that this is where
I will be forever because I was born to be here in peace and love.
This is where I need to be to live the La La myth 
the lifestyle of Hawaiian shirts shorts and sandals and 
beach bum hats
and free spirits relaxing taking it all in 
and turning my face to the sky my arms and hands extended welcoming the 
life force that confirms that I am alive at peace and in love
with Sand Water Sky. 
Photo by Antonio Ruiz
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