Birth Days

December 8, 1948-December 8, 2022

Birth Day
Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay
A time to measure
	looking back ain’t so bad
To celebrate	a memory 	a thought
	hanging out there
Wondering if I could have 	should have
	done it differently
	or maybe it’s better than expected
Birth Days
We were all young once
There are days	forgotten
	and those are the ones I 
	wonder about
What lessons did I miss
What moment of happiness
	did I not savor	relish enough
Birth Days
Father and Sons
I am taught that I am supposed to be 
	measuring 	reflecting
	making long lists
	of resolutions that we promise
	ourselves will make us
	better	than last year
	so we can celebrate
	next year
Birth Days
My Television Life
The Birth Days	pile up
	like so many memories
	year after year		
		74 years
	months after months
		887 months, 1 week, 2 days, 
		21 hours, 13 minutes and 19 seconds
	weeks after weeks
		3858 weeks, 3 days, 23 hours, 
		59 minutes and 59 seconds
	days after days	
		27010 days
	minutes after minutes
		38894400 minutes
	seconds after seconds
		2333664000 seconds
	heartbeats after heartbeats
Until I cannot see through them
	around them
	behind them
Birth Days
The Older You Get
And all I see	is what is in front of me
And all I want to see are unclaimed moments
	opportunities to create
	new moments
of happiness peace kindness cheers laughter
	much laughter
	hope serenity 
	so next Birth Day I will feel
with a smile that it was all right and I can 
begin my next path around the sun knowing
that it will be full of good feelings. 

Author: Antonio Pedro Ruiz

Antonio Ruiz is an ex-junkie-alcoholic, former seminarian, one-time radio host-producer, past community organizer, continuing to be a media advocate, retired television reporter, ex-commission executive director, once a street vendor of jewelry and gloves, waitron (waiter to you), a former bartender who drank too much on the job, an ex-motorcycle courier who learned to ride a bike just for the job, ex-airport shuttle driver, former Entertainment news director-producer, the best time of my life, one-time live TV events red carpet producer-executive producer, ex-small business consultant, ex-youth media and journalism mentor, and now a college student who also has been married three times (thirds the charm), and just couldn't help living with two other women because well, that's part of my story.

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