Thirty-Four Years

I’ve told the story of our meeting so many times in the last thirty-six years. Kismet. Luck. Crazy. But it never seems to get old. A friend of a friend. More than one. Baltimore, Maryland. She West Coast. Me East Coast. A simple hello in a hotel lobby. A bet in front of a hotel’s elevator bank. A fateful ride back to Washington, D.C. A life crisis that would throw me three-thousand miles away to Los Angeles, California, into the love of Sumire Gant that would save my ass.

This gallery of photos is a love medley of our greatest hits as we celebrate thirty-six years together and thirty-four years of marriage (September 3, 1987).

Author: Antonio Pedro Ruiz

Antonio Ruiz is an ex-junkie-alcoholic, former seminarian, one-time radio host-producer, past community organizer, continuing to be a media advocate, retired television reporter, ex-commission executive director, once a street vendor of jewelry and gloves, waitron (waiter to you), a former bartender who drank too much on the job, an ex-motorcycle courier who learned to ride a bike just for the job, ex-airport shuttle driver, former Entertainment news director-producer, the best time of my life, one-time live TV events red carpet producer-executive producer, ex-small business consultant, ex-youth media and journalism mentor, and now a college student who also has been married three times (thirds the charm), and just couldn't help living with two other women because well, that's part of my story.

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